About Us



At Epiphany Blu, we believe that you should dress who you are!  For some of us, that means today it’s a classic blazer paired with your favorite jeans and pumps & tomorrow it’s that simple summer dress paired with a choker, a few leather bracelets and edgy combat boots.

The way we dress is highly influenced by the way we feel. While working in the retail industry for so many years, it was almost mandatory that Kimberly’s style changed by the season. Keeping up with current trends was vital to the success of her business, and in turn, she was able to lead by example with her staff, while ensuring they did the same. The one thing that did not change was that she chose her outfits daily.  She was never one to pick out an outfit the night before as she knew her mood would probably be different in the morning after some rest.

We all know that the clothes we choose to wear evoke different thoughts and emotions. At Epiphany Blu, you should expect some unexpected and exceptional pieces in the product line. We will stick to our core silhouettes in our product line mix, but will surprise you with key seasonal must have pieces. A majority of our pieces are made in the U.S.A. and we love to use Modal fabric for it's silky-soft feel and resistance to fading & shrinking. Our key seasonal MUST HAVE pieces will have style and elevate your wardrobe with a sophisticated vibe.


Be Bold, Be Edgy, Be Classic, Be Unstoppable, Be YOU!



We are committed to empowering people to achieve success on their own terms. We strive to provide opportunities to connect with and support each other. We will deliver on-going educational programs that contribute to the professional development of our Ambassadors, meeting their needs to support growth in their business.



We will strive to provide continued education to our Ambassadors and support them in taking steps to achieve their goals and find their version of success. We embrace individuals of all cultures, industries and professions. We are all mentors & leaders sharing experiences, challenges and wisdom, collaborating within our network.



  • We Recognize, Support and Promote one another
  • We pursue Growth and Learning
  • We Take Risks
  • We are Creative, Adventurous and Open-Minded
  • We Support our Local Communities Philanthropic Efforts 



Whether you are looking for a side gig or an opportunity to create your own full time business, Epiphany Blu is a perfect fit for you. I encourage you to embrace Our Brand Mission, Vision and Values. By doing so, we will be One Team focused on the same goals, supporting each other as we grow.