Goals are nothing more than dreams with deadlines....

Posted by Kimberly Barr - Founder/ CEO on Aug 23rd 2017

It's been said that goals are nothing more than dreams with deadlines. As we get older and wiser we begin to let go of our dreams. Reasons for this could be due to the world teaching us to start being more realistic or that we have additional responsibilities and we just do not make our goals a priority. While these are just my thoughts and not the answer to absolute success (many things go into someone being successful) I thought it was a wise topic for my very 1st blog post because goal setting is a 1st step in taking control of your life’s direction.

I’ve spent many years working with store teams regarding performance improvement. There are consistently three simple key factors that I see in top performers, be it a full time leader or a part time staff member.

#1 They know what they want to achieve.

#2 They know where they are.

#3 They are willing to push themselves.

One of my mentors instilled a saying in me many years ago. She said, "Goal set - Goal met". She elaborated with the fact that setting the goal is more than half of the battle because you can manifest it in your mind. Setting goals give you long-term vision with short term motivation. Without goals, you lack direction & focus. Goal setting not only allows you to take control of your life’s direction; it also provides a benchmark for determining whether you are succeeding up to your own preset standards.

So, you’ve set goals, but you’ve not achieved the desired results in the past, or you have just not taken action on your goals with focus and intensity. It is YOUR life; you cannot rely on anyone else to push you along or to motivate you. You have to decide that you want it for yourself!

Why do people not lean into goals will more focus and intensity?

3 reasons come to mind:

#1 Afraid of failure!

#2 Afraid of rejection…

#3 Afraid of what people will think of them if they know what we want to accomplish and for some reason don't make it happen.

Time to get a bit personal….At one time, I could circle each one of those reasons. When it really came down to deciding to leave my comfort zone of corporate stability, it was very scary. I let my career dictate & define me for many years. Leaving that stability behind and going after my dream was nerve-wracking. I’ve learned many things from my husband over the years, though I hate to admit that directly to him. He’s told me on many occasions… “Stop it! Stop worrying about everyone else and what they think.”

As I end my 1st blog post I leave you with this…. YOU have the ability to create whatever success YOU desire, so get to it!

Remember, you can’t start a fire with paper alone, so write that goal down on paper-start the fire with in you! 

Be Unstoppable.