How do I get started?

If you are interested in becoming an Apparel Ambassador – Please select Become an Apparel Ambassador to purchase your initial Product Line Mix.

If you have additional questions, please email: Support@epiphanyblu.com - your email will be answered within 48 hours or if you prefer a call back, please provide a phone number with a desired time that you can be reached. 

Is there a waiting list? 

No, Epiphany Blu currently does not have a waiting list. Once you pay for your Product Line Mix (PLM/Inventory) it will ship within 14-20 business days.

Where are the clothes manufactured?

Clothing is purchased from several different sources; a majority of our items are made in the USA.

What is the start-up cost?

There are 3 Product Lines (Kits) Cobalt $650, Indigo $1250 &  Sapphire $2500

Are there any other fees?

We do not have any additional fees. 

After I pay, when will I receive my inventory?

Once payment is received for your Product Line Mix (PLM), it will ship within 14-20 business days. Re-orders ship within 7-10 business days.

How do I reorder inventory? 

Your initial inventory (PLM) will be pre-selected by Epiphany Blu. Select Reorders may be purchased by size, style & color or you may reorder a new Product Line Mix (PLM)

When can I use my Clothing Credit?

You will receive your clothing credit within 7-10 business days. We will need to verify your new Ambassador Application & Agreement has been submitted. You may use your clothing credit on reorders or as a discount on a PLM reorder.

What is in a Welcome Kit?

Goodies for our New Epiphany Blu Apparel Ambassadors!

This includes a marketing kit that is fully personalized, a selection of office supplies to get you started & a hand held steamer to ensure your inventory always looks it best. 

Will I have to pay shipping? 

Ambassadors will pay for all shipping unless there is a promotion currently running. Free Shipping occurs with any purchase over $300. 

Is this an MLM? Will it ever be?

Kimberly envisions Epiphany Blu to remain a direct sales company and to never become an MLM.  She wants to support you in growing your business and becoming successful entrepreneurs.

What kind of support will I receive as an Apparel Ambassador?

*Access to ALL Marketing materials, Stock Photos & Artwork is available within 48 hours once your inventory is paid for.

*Ongoing development will be available via open forums, training calls & blogs posts.
*Dedicated Ambassador support 5 days a week- Just call & we will help you with whatever questions you have.

*Graphics, Photos of Models, Flat Lay photography & open forum discussions will be available on our Ambassador Page.

Where am I allowed to sell? 

Are you ready for this???...You may sell on ALL social media forums, vendor events & in home pop ups/boutiques. If we do not have it listed, please ask - we are flexible. Epiphany Blu may not be sold on sites such as Poshmark, eBay, Amazon etc.

Can I set my own prices?

You purchase your inventory at wholesale cost, and then mark up 100%-130%, therein lies your profit. You may not sell below the Epiphany Blu suggested retail price.  You may have sales at your discretion. 

What is the procedure for defective items? 

As listed in the Policies & Procedures manual. Emails will be sent to orders.fulfillment@epiphanyblu.com with required information.  Items will be filled with the same or similar item within 7 business days or a clothing credit will be issued.

How often are new items released? 

Ideally, new items will be released Bi-Weekly and Seasonally. This keeps your inventory fresh & exciting for your customers. Kimberly's plan is to keep Epiphany Blu fashionable & affordable. SRP (Suggested Retail Price) will never be more than $50.

Do you use a standard invoice system that is mandatory?

No, you may use any merchant service such as Square, PayPal, etc. You are responsible for all fees associated with these services.

 What if I change my mind on being an Epiphany Blu Ambassador?

Independent Apparel Ambassadors may not return products once received. After your purchase of your initial inventory all sales are final and there will be no refunds issued. Current Independent Apparel Ambassadors may sell their respective inventory at cost to current Independent Apparel Ambassadors on our EPIPHANY BLU Buy/Sell/ Trade page on Facebook. 


These FAQ’s are NOT intended to replace any Epiphany Blu Policies & Procedures.

When you join us on this amazing journey, please take the time to review your information packet completely.