Our Story


A moment of sudden revelation or insight




We have all had these moments at one point in our lives, but how often do we pay attention and act on them? I had an Epiphany at an important time in my life. I had advanced in the retail industry for 20 years, working long hours, holidays, and worst of all, I endured weekly travel away from my two young daughters and husband of 11 years. I arrived at a crossroads as to whether to continue this current life path, or do something bold and create a world where I could be home and see my girls beautiful blue eyes everyday.

My 20 years of executive management experience has given me the opportunity to work for some really amazing brands. I played intricate roles throughout the restructuring/re-branding of both field & corporate teams. Meanwhile, building a network of inspirational leaders.

My love of fashion and realistic outlook on affordability in today’s economy has led me to the development of Epiphany BluLLC. The desire to both be present for my family, and to be a business owner, combined with my love of leadership training & development as well as the chance to share this experience and opportunity with others, seemed to be the perfect combination.